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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Hard-Working Second-Career Appellate Lawyer and Courtroom Litigator Seeks Place Five

So far we've spoken about three of the Republicans seeking to replace the retiring Cheryl Johnson: Sid Harle, Steve Smith, and Brent Webster, which only leaves Scott Walker.

An honors graduate of Dallas Baptist University and a Baylor law grad., he was admitted to the bar in 1998. A born Texan, he claims that he comes from generations of conservatives, and has been a Republican all of his adult life.
He has had a first career that he doesn't mention in his campaign materials-- he was a swimming pool builder.

Walker describes his practice as one ocivil defense, veterans’ disability, criminal litigation, and appellate advocacy. Walker claims over seventy appellate briefs and more than 40 first-chair trials in district courts across north Texas. He does not appear to have ever been a prosecutor.

Walker's a member of the Texas Bar College, has been married to the same woman for 41 years, and claims to be an evangelical Christian active in a Dallas-area church. He appears to be keeping up a busy practice during his candidacy, snatching spare minutes out of his day for politics. There may be better looking candidates in the race, but I give him the prize for best campaign photograph.

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