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Monday, September 6, 2010

The State Loses Two of Three Convictions of Wesley Wayne Miller

"I then did stand my trial, and boldly I did plea/ A flaw was in my indictment found and that soon had me free."- "The Lily of the West" (A traditional Irish song).
Wesley Wayne Miller, confessed and convicted murderer of Retha Stratton, got two of his three convictions reversed and remanded. The other one was held to have been waived. May be a federal court won't think so, but it is unlikely that he'll be able to get SCOTUS to take the case on direct appeal, and he may well be out before he can get his state habeas petition heard by the trial court and the state appellate court before essaying a petition in front of a federal judge-- the only kind of judge likely to give him any relief. If he can win any other part of the case though, his conviction will be overturned

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