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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Electronic Briefs Are the Wave of the Future

An appellate lawyer who is ignorant of or terrified by the prospect of preparing a brief as an electronic brief-- often such a person is both ignorant and terrified-- will come to be seen as a dinosaur. E-briefs can be hyperlinked within themselves-- that is, clicking on something, a line in the table of contents, a case, a mention of an exhibit, can take the reader to the precise place referenced. They are less bulky. Parts of your brief can be cut and pasted into the opinion, saving typing. Lawyers USA's article requires a sign-in and maybe a subscription. The article is here. Federal courts tend to require them, and it's a good idea to supplement your paper brief with an ebrief on a disk anyway. The author of the post, Allison McAndrew, also includes  a link to Adobe Acrobat's blog.

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