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Friday, March 4, 2016

Texas Appellate Court Republican Primary Election Results

Here are the Texas appellate court Republican primary results.
Incumbent Texas Supreme Court Justice Debra Lehrmann overcame a challenge from her right by Michael Massengale.
Paul Green, another Texas Supreme Court justice, pushed away a challenge from near-eponymous Rick Green.
A third Texas Supreme Court incumbent-- Eva Guzman-- overcame repeat candidate Joe Pool.
In the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place Two race, Mary Lou Keel led Ray Wheless by a thin margin, putting them into a runoff squeezing out Wheless's fellow Collin County district judge Mr. Chris Oldner.
I don't think I was alone among analysts of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place Five to be surprised to see Scott Walker, whose campaign might be charitably described a dyspeptic, as the number-one vote-getter in the race. He was followed at some distance by Brent Webster. Grits for Breakfast called it, I think, when it explained that voters mistook candidate Walker for the Wisconsin governor.
Judge Paul Keasler easily overcame the challenge of Paul Davis to be renominated for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Position Six.
The saddest sack of all the candidates, the winner of the Tear in My Beer award, is William Anthony "Andy" Porter, third place in the Second Court of Appeals Place Three contest. He was 29 votes (Only 29 votes!) behind Dabney Bassel in this Fort Worth court contest. Bassel is in the runoff with forensic lexicographer and former Texas women's chess champion Elizabeth Kerr.
In Dallas's Fifth Court of Appeals, Place Three incumbent David John Schenck decisively beat
David James Henschen.
For the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Houston, Place Two, Kevin Jewell defeated
Bud Wiesedeppe.
To come-- Democrats and at least one Libertarian . . .

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