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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Even Five Days After the Filing Deadline, the TXSecState, Other Information Sources and I Miss Joe Pool's SCOTX Bid

I told you about how Republican Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Lawrence Edward Meyers switched from the GOP to being a Democrat and running as that party's nominee against incumbent Texas Supreme Court Jeff Brown, and even though I waited five days after the filing deadline and cross-checked with other blogs and newspapers to see who all were running, Joe Pool, Jr.'s candidacy

only appeared on the Texas Secretary of State's office after Saturday, December 14, 2013. The photo above is of the candidate with his wife Leslie. He's a Republican running against Brown for the nomination. A son of the late Congressman Joe Pool, Sr., Pool emphasizes his Christian faith and his Texas values. Last election cycle he, along with Republican John Phillip Devine, challenged incumbent Texas Supreme Court Justice Republican David Medina. Of the three of them, Pool had the least money, and he pulled the fewest votes. Pool then threw his support behind Devine, which is how Devine won.
So Brown's going to have Pool running against him to his right in the primary and Meyers running against him to his left in the general election.

I said in the last post that my posts were only as accurate as the TXSecState's website, which is still the most authoritative internet source of information though it be as slow as molasses to post its knowledge and never says "Now the info is complete."
I am going to edit the former incorrect post.

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