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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Word-Count Rules and a Certificate of Compliance Form

Don't forget that the new word-count rules for Texas appellate documents go into effect on Saturday. Here is a form Certificate of Compliance suitable for lawyers using the word count functions of their computer software to comply.

(For counsel using the word count of a computer program)
Certificate of Compliance
          I, (name of lawyer, e.g. Bob Mabry), attorney for (party designation, then party name, e.g. defendant John Johnson ) certify that this document was generated by a computer using (the name of computer word-processing program, e.g. Microsoft Word 2007) which indicates that the word count of this document is (document word-count, e.g. 7,499) per Tex. R. App. P. 9.4 (i).

(name of lawyer, e.g. Bob Mabry)
Note that in calculating the length of document, every word and every part of the document, including headings, footnotes, and quotations, must be counted except the following: caption, identity of parties and counsel, statement regarding oral argument, table of contents, index of authorities, statement of the case, statement of issues presented, statement of jurisdiction, statement of procedural history, signature, proof of service, certification, certificate of compliance, and appendix.

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