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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jurisdictional Anomalies of Texas's Courts of Appeals

There are fourteen intermediate courts of appeals in Texas. The areas they cover are called supreme judicial districts. I've previously discussed the strangeness of the First and Fourteenth Supreme Judicial Districts, which cover the same counties and whose work is divided between them generally by the Harris County District Clerk's office.
Hunt County, Texas is in both the Fifth and Sixth Supreme Judicial Districts. This means that you can appeal from there to either Dallas--Fifth S.J.D.-- or Texarkana-- Sixth.
Gregg, Rusk, Upshur and Wood Counties are Texas counties that are in both the Sixth and Twelfth Supreme Judicial Districts. The latter is in Tyler, the former, Texarkana.
Appeals of denials of the rights of property owners to drill oil and gas wells by the Railroad Commission, as well as other actions involving the government of the State of Texas are almost solely limited to the district courts of Travis County- county seat, Austin. Further appeals from there go to the Third Court of Appeals in Austin, unless the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court equalizes the dockets of the state courts of appeals. This makes the Third Court of Appeals in some ways, a first among equals of the Courts of Appeals.

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