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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Starbucks Is Not a Law Office.

Reading blogs is like panning for gold. You wash and shake and shift tons of rock and dirt to collect just a few very valuable nuggets. Out of hundreds of posts only a very few are wise. Miami lawyer for lawyers Brian Tannebaum's post in his My Law License blog entitled, "Who Are You Listening To?"  is 24 karat.
Real private practice lawyers put in full, busy days. They can't take weeks of vacation on top of other sets of weeks of vacation in a single summer, etc. Lawyers for white shoe firms collect hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, which they generally use to buy houses and furnishings that they never get to see because they live in their offices. I mean, some of them give up going home for days at a time. A full night's sleep? Forget it on a weeknight.
Communicating this to spouses is difficult-- maybe even impossible. And I do believe that it is possible to be in private practice and be happy and healthy, to sup with the family and to take a day off every week, and a month every year.
Many people with law degrees and law licenses are just pretending to be lawyers while they do nothing, or while they do some other business. Don't get practice management advice from such people.

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