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Friday, February 19, 2010

Laughs for Legal Writers

After a week of preparing for a trial that is almost certain not to happen, a day of domestic squabbling, and preparing to move, I got word that The Green Bag, a most entertaining law journal, had chosen its best examples of legal writing for last year. I had occasion thereby to read The Green Bag's Greatest Quips 1997-2002. It includes such gems as a recasting of the first sentence of Milton's Paradise Lost as if it had been written by a lawyer, a spoof showing how a group of academics had ranked U.S. News & World Report below other magazines, and newly appointed Supreme Court justice David Souter's report of why he participated in the Christmas caroling led by then-Chief Justice Rehnquist: "I have to. Otherwise, I get all the tax cases."
Other people you know of or should know of who are associated with this enterprise are libertarian legal scholar Richard A. Epstein, Leonard Garment of the Nixon White House, legal writing maven Bryan A. Garner, and comparative constitutional law professor Mary Ann Glendon.

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